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People ask me to predict the future, when all I want to do is prevent it. Better yet, build it. Predicting the future is much too easy, anyway. You look at the people around you, the street you stand on, the visible air you breathe, and predict more of the same. To hell with more. I want better.

Ray Bradbury, 1920–2012

(via Dustin Curtis)

Dieter Rams’ 80th Birthday

Last week, May 20th to be precise, was Dieter Rams 80th birthday. Dieter Rams, recognised as one of the most influential industrial designers of the 20th century. And here’s the excerpt from his speech delivered in December 1976 to an audience at Jack Lenor Larsen’s New York showroom:

You cannot understand good design if you do not understand people; design is made for people. It must be ergonomically correct, meaning it must harmonise with a human being’s strengths, dimensions, senses and understanding.

Read it full here, it’s a 4 pages long pdf, worth to read it to completion. Also my favorite quote from him:

Good design is a reality!


My new favorite website about type. It best to hear it straight from them:

There are many great type foundries around the world. It has been really difficult to keep up with the activities of every single one of them… so why not collect their information and make an online compendium? This is how we started this project.

Make sure to check them regularly. So many beautiful type!

Happiness is not a Destination


An idea is not a design,
but it is an invitation to a journey.

A design is not a prototype,
but it is a plan for moving forward.

A prototype is not a program,
but it is a test for your assumptions.

A program is not a product,
but it is a milestone towards progress.

A product is not a business,
but it is the first fruit of an idea.

A business is not profits,
but it is a team behind your back.

Profits is not an exit,
but it is validation of your work.

And an exit is not happiness,
but happiness is not a destination.

Happiness is a journey.

- a response to Mike Seller’s posting on quora.

Thanks to Liz for prompting me to consider how I might turn this around.

Over at Everything Type Company:

The magazine grew in size, is now printed on better stocks, and circulates less frequently. We drew on the rich heritage of ’80s/’90s SPIN, a no-nonsense, bold, and considered approach to music journalism.

Great concept and execution.