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Missed Opportunity

After reading this piece by Shadoe Huard, he pointed out a post by Juan Perez over at The Verge’s Microsoft Tribe forum:

There haven’t been a better moment for Microsoft to start integrating products, services, design and philosophies than right now. With Windows 8, a lot of stuff will become part of each other as the software will not only be tied by the Metro UI, but the functionality: seamless integration of services like SkyDrive, Messenger, Skype, and others, will make people realize the potential of the Microsoft ecosystem.

So what better way to represent and showcase this integration than rethinking it into a cohesive, easy to understand, modern, and ultimately Metro, experience? It’s not just about the Windows 8 logo, but all the services that will be part of it.

It’s virtually obvious for Microsoft to use this strategy and yet they pick a rather peculiar notion. Maybe the Redmond-bunch have been thinking to overhaul all the branding to realign it with the Windows 8 as the new branding cornerstone. If not, well, it’s truly will be a missed opportunity. Anyway, check Perez’s integrated branding mock-up he proposed for Microsoft, I personally love the idea.