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Creative Experimentation
  • “Don’t think your way to an answer. Discover your way to an answer.”

  • “Your first pass doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be directionally correct.”

  • “Unless you are generating new data or generating new insights, you won’t be doing something differently.”

  • “If you don’t know enough, do it in a way that is small and unobtrusive as a pilot.”

  • “Organizations throw their own obstacles in the way.”

  • “Organizations are nested. Each nest deals with the problems appropriate to their own boundaries. When a problem crosses boundaries of a nest, there’s a need to move up in the hierarchy of the nests … or else a need to change the boundaries of a nest.”

  • “See the problem. Run the experiments. Validate the data.”

  • “Identify the problem. Create Experiments. Test the solutions.” (this was a refrain)

  • “Knowledge gets shared through communities with shared interests.”

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