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Beyond Helvetica
… Developers can now drop long-form texts into reader-friendly, attractive layouts, with multiple columns and with image layers that aren’t chained to the grid. There are exciting new possibilities hiding behind the labels “Interactive Text Color”, “Text Folding”, and “Custom Truncation”. So, for example, it will soon be possible while composing in iOS to have the color of text change if the app recognizes a specific dynamic element (a hashtag, a Twitter account name, or the like). Or, we can trim longer texts into previews without being limited to options like before/after/middle; developers can define those options however they want.

When we’re dealing with information, we’re dealing with typography, thank goodness that more and more company are care about good typography at this scale, microscopic that is. Like they say, the best details are ones that often overlooked by the untrained eyes but felt and invoked visceral reaction.

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