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What is this?

Hi, welcome to Slownews. It’s an email newsletter that delivers interestingness, wittiness, awesomeness, and sometimes crazyness found around the intermingled and complex networks of computers around this planet also known as the internet.

Yet another newsletter?

Yeah, email is a great medium, universal, flexible, and simple.

When can I get this?

Slownews will snuggly tucked in your inbox every weekend.

Do I have to pay for this?

Just like air, it’s free.

Can I trust you with my email address?

Yep, I have no interest to sell your personal information for commercial gain, and god forbid for spamming! I too share your passionate hate for email spam. Also Mailchimp will always take good care of your personal information, gotta love em’.

Okay then, who the heck are you?

Hi, I’m Art Blanc, nice to meet you and without further ado, subscribe and enjoy your first issue of Slownews, cheers!

Wait, wait, why is it called Slownews?

It’s like news only slower, I have no intention bringing up the latest of news because you can get it elsewhere very easily.


Here’s the archive of Slownewss newsletter.