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Peter Thiel’s CS183: Startup

For this past semester, Peter Thiel has been teaching a course — CS183 — to Stanford Computer Science students. Apparently 10x oversubscribed, Thiel took his students on a journey through his view of the world inviting guests like Marc Andreesen, Paul Graham and Max Levchin to also share their first-hand insights into building companies.

Experimenting with the new Readlists from Readability, and start with this list. Readlists is rather controversial because this particular service let you download all the content you listed as an ebook, but I like the easy to use interface to quickly “soft” bookmark – if you may – all the particular links I want to read, kinda like a to-do list for a web. Yeah, I know Instapaper, but why not try something new, right?

(via Blake Masters)