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On Making Yourself Smarter and More Valuable


Compiled by Mark Shead, here’s 2 of my favorite tips on how to make yourself smarter:

1. Work a little bit every day on something that you want to be skilled in or want to improve on. Here’s the secret though: It has to be every day. You have to make a conscious effort to work at least for a few minutes every day for your skill. But don’t worry… after a while it becomes a habit. – Glen Stansberry.
2. These three things have helped me become a much more smart individual: the books I read, the people I meet and the websites I visit. Being smart means that you know facts, being wise means that you know how to use those facts in a beneficial way. – Ron Haynes.

The beauty of these advices is that they’re applicable to whatever you do. In my case, photography.

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