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Jim Coudal’s Control of Work

Kern and Burn interviewed Jim Coudal; don’t know him? Google him.

As curious people who love to learn, the idea of jumping into the deep end of the pool and learning about various businesses is very satisfying.


He ended his talk with a quote from Dan Gilbert’s book, Stumbling on Happiness, and said, “The reason that most of us are unhappy most of the time is that we set our goals—not for the person we’re going to be when we reach them—we set our goals for the person we are when we set them.” It’s a great point. It encourages us to dream big, and think about what will truly make us happy. Jim, like many other design entrepreneurs, has taken his career into his own hands and now controls his work, and his “destiny.”

He’s one of my heroes alive today in design and also business field.