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Idea, Don’t Put a Price on it

Neven Mrgan:

Simple ideas like this will naturally occur to many people. A small percentage of those will have the ability to execute on them. A small percentage of those will then actually do so. And an even smaller group will combine it with an otherwise interesting product, thus making it into something.

One single paragraph above eloquently argue about the value of idea, which is null, unless executed. Lukas Mathis chime in with a well-put comment around this topic:

People often assume that ideas are where value is created. In reality, ideas (even non-simple ones) are plentiful, easy, and often generated by more than one person at the same time. Ideas are essentially worthless. Value is only created when people actually make stuff.

See also Everything is a Remix a web video series by Kirby Ferguson, just in case you aren’t already know about it.

There’s a lot more to be considered other than just the initial ideas, so make stuff happens. Great stuff.