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Apple's television (or not) set

The Verge:

Rumors of an Apple television have resurfaced with supply chain sources telling DigiTimes that they’re starting to prepare components for 32- and 37-inch “iTV” sets launching in Q2 or Q3 of 2012. According to the Taiwanese publication, suppliers will begin preparing materials in Q1 to prepare for the mid-year production ramp up.

Rumors. Gotta prepare to bear many, many more of this kind of stuff.

I personally more interested on how Apple will deal with all the content owners (people who owns the right of some stuff that we might enjoy, and in many cases they’re not the ones who created them stuff), content providers (people who owns the right to channel and broadcast stuff to the rest of the people), cable companies, and many other hassle along the way to provide us the insanely great television experience. So great that I hope we can no longer call the experience as “watching TV” anymore, heck maybe they wouldn’t even call it a TV.

How they could pull this off? I do not know. But, I like how Guy English’s take:

When you unboxed my hypothetical Apple Television Set you would find three devices inside. There would be a lovely large display panel with an impossibly thin bezel (unadorned by an Apple logo). It’d have one wire, the power plug. The second device would look very much like the current Apple TV though it’d sport an HDMI input or two on the back. The third device would be a remote control.

Television has always been one-way street from the broadcasters to the viewers, It’s sure as hell interesting whether Apple could put user more control on the device that for many people sees it as their main entertainment source. Maybe those unassuming black TV they use as a companion for Apple TV on their website (FYI: They put it on the iPod category, I couldn’t find it at first), is actually the Apple television (or not)?

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