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I’m Art Blanc, a designer living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What’s up with the name?


Yes, it’s a peculiar choice to name one’s child, but frankly I have no control over that matter. My full name is Art Blanc Pattipeiluhu.

I’m a designer, mediocre illustrator, and an “avid technophile”—an overly fancy made up term for geek—born in Bandung, Indonesia the beautiful archipelago on Earth’s warm equator belt.

I graduated from Maranatha Christian University majored in Visual Communication Design.

I’m still trying to learn calligraphy, with pen, ink, paper, and lots of trial & error.

I may have consumed enough caffeine to power a city, but I’m not by any means a coffee-snob. I’m still trying to connect the dots, in an effort to make sense out of this world.

Skilled at

  • Drawing boxes on whiteboards to communicate user flow, and describing software structures

  • Human–computer interaction design, and vice versa

  • Rapid interactive prototyping

  • Gathering and writing software product requirements

  • Illustration, mediocre at best, but I’m trying

  • Stakeholder-whisperer, I can set expectations and deliver on said expectations. I aim to under-promise and over-deliver

  • Engineer-whisperer, I’m technical but, I’m not a programmer. I can talk shop and collaborate with engineers

  • Those “soft skills” that hard to describe, you have to take my word for them:

    • Setting priority, the real ones

    • Candor

    • Near-perverse optimism

    • Writing, one of the hardest sentient human endeavor, I’m okay at it

Worked at

  • Bhinneka

    • (January 2018—) as head of product management. I lead the product team, consist of a dozen or so product managers and product designers. My team design, plan and execute alongside our engineering counterparts to ship products and services for internal and external needs of Bhinneka. Still a long way to go and I’m cautiously-optimistic to oversee it all. We’re hiring product manager and product designer, email me if you’re interested.

    • (January–December 2017) as senior interaction designer, I designed for several of our internal applications. I recruited, trained and led a team of three designers. I ran briefings, reviews and weekly training sessions to onboard new designers, manage workflows, solve issues and evaluates overall aesthetics throughout projects.

  • Weekend, Inc (August 2012—December 2016) as a product designer and then manager. Weekend, Inc is a digital product agency, clientele: BTPN, BTPN Syariah, AirAsia, OTO Multiartha, Kawan Lama Group, Axioo Photography, Premiro, JETexpress, Bhinneka, and holdr.

  • Bandung Design Gallery (June–October 2011) as a graphic designer, clientele: Kangean Energy, Eat&Go, L’Oreal, Havoline.

  • Vibetoday (June 2007–December 2008) as an art director. Vibetoday is a clothing brand with affinity to music and culture.

  • Layer Studio (September 2005–February 2007) as a co-founding partner and design director, clientele: Exsport, Newspaper Lounge, Eazyprint, d’Ranch.

Talked at

Studied at

  • High School (2002–2005) Santo Aloysius 2, Bandung

  • BA Visual Communication Design (2005–2011) Maranatha Christian University, Bandung

A douchier person will have a ‘colophon’ here

Design Tools

  • Whatever it takes to leave a mark on a surface

  • Sketch by Bohemian Coding

  • Abstract

  • Zeplin

  • Framer X

  • Affinity Designer by Serif

  • Figma

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • HTML & CSS

  • Javascript, still a newbie

  • Ruby, still a noob

  • The most important tools: humility, critical thinking, and curiosity

Services I ❤

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TT Norms by TypeType.

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