What’s up with the name?


Yes, it’s a peculiar choice to name one’s child, but frankly I have no control over that matter. My full name is Art Blanc Pattipeiluhu.

I’m a designer, mediocre illustrator, and an “avid technophile”—an overly fancy made up term for geek—born in Bandung, Indonesia the beautiful archipelago on Earth’s warm equator belt. I graduated from Maranatha Christian University majored in Visual Communication Design. I’m still trying to learn calligraphy, with pen, ink, paper, and lots of trial & error. I may have consumed enough caffeine to power a city, but I’m not by any means a coffee-snob. I’m still trying to connect the dots, in an effort to make sense out of this world.

Skilled at

  • Product & UX interface design with Sketch and Figma
  • Rapid prototyping with Flinto or Principle
  • Illustration

Worked at

  • Bhinneka (January 2017—) as a senior interaction designer, I designed for several of our internal projects. I recruited, trained and led a team of 3 designers. I ran briefings, reviews and weekly training sessions to onboard new designers, manage workflows, solve issues and evaluates overall aesthetics throughout projects.
  • Weekend, Inc (August 2012—December 2016) as a product designer and then manager. Weekend, Inc is a digital product agency, clientele: BTPN, BTPN Syariah, AirAsia, OTO Multiartha, Kawan Lama Group, Axioo Photography, Premiro, JETexpress, Bhinneka, and holdr.
  • Bandung Design Gallery (June–October 2011) as a graphic designer, clientele: Kangean Energy, Eat&Go, L’Oreal, Havoline.
  • Vibetoday (June 2007–December 2008) as an art director. Vibetoday is a clothing brand with affinity to music and culture.
  • Layer Studio (September 2005–February 2007) as a co-founding partner and design director, clientele: Exsport, Newspaper Lounge, Eazyprint, d’Ranch.

Talked at

Studied at

  • High School (2002–2005) Santo Aloysius 2, Bandung.
  • BA Visual Communication Design (2005–2011) Maranatha Christian University, Bandung.

A douchier person will have a ‘colophon’ here

Design Tools

  • Whatever it takes to leave a mark on a surface
  • Sketch by Bohemian Coding
  • Zeplin
  • Affinity Designer by Serif
  • Figma
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript, still a newbie
  • Ruby, still a noob
  • The most important tools: humility, critical thinking, and curiosity

Say hello

I occasionally share my quips and shoot some pixels.


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